The most common types of injuries that can occur in auto accidents are Back, Neck and Spine Injuries. If a person is rear-ended due to the negligence of another person, there neck and head are always affected. The force of the impact causes the persons neck to be jerked back and forth rapidly. This usually causes the neck muscles to stretch and cause swelling and often severe pain.

Alot of these injuries can be handled with simple physical therapy by a chiropractor, however there is a percentage of people who develop chronic and ongoing injuries that take years to recover from.

In some of these cases the Neck, Back and Spine Injury that don’t survive the therapy can be more of a serious, permanant kind of nerve damage. You may need more tests to determine what the problem. In the meantime, while you are having these test your medical bills are piling up and may need a personal injury lawyer to help determine the fault of the person or persons that cause this accident.

The disk and columns of the spine can also be affected by this type of accident. Because the spine is an extremely vulnerable, and have plate-like between the vertebrae any one of these could be ruptured or herniated. It is import to get more tests such as and MRI or a CAT Scan if you feel you have had this type of injury and it continue to persist.

One of the most difficult injuries to overcome is in the form of soft tissue damage. The potential for catching these types of injuries is usually not good because they are not easily revealed in the MRI or CAT scan results. Also, recovery of damages in these type of Neck, Back and Spine Injury cases is problematic at best, primarily because of a lack of provable tests results.

These types of cases are very expensive as well and often require multiple surgeries. Even after the surgeries one can be debilitated for long periods of time if not for life. Here at Murphy & Pressentin Personal Injury Law Offices information is our specialty. Let our professional staff of investigators find the information you need to get the maximum compensation for your Madison personal injury case.

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